As Valentine’s Day approaches, love fills the air, and the quest for the perfect way to celebrate becomes paramount in the hearts of those enamored. Nestled at the end of the iconic Mulholland Drive, The Mulholland restaurant in Calabasas emerges as a beacon of culinary excellence and romantic ambiance. This local, family-owned gem, steeped in two generations of hospitality expertise, invites couples to indulge in a Chef’s 4 Course Tasting Menu that promises an unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience.

On February 14th, 2024 at 5:00 pm, The Mulholland offers a Valentine’s Day Four Course Dinner in Calabasas designed to captivate the senses and kindle the flames of love. Priced at $115 per guest, this exclusive dining event requires a reservation, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience. Diners are encouraged to share any dietary restrictions or allergies upon booking, as the culinary team, led by the renowned Culinary Director Chef Chris Flint and Chef de Cuisine Michele Carter, are committed to crafting a menu that caters to all palates.

The evening begins with a delicate RAW OYSTER – Kusshi Oyster Caviar, Rose Mignonnette Gelée, setting the tone for a night of exquisite flavors. As the journey continues, guests are presented with a choice between HAMACHI CRUDO – Citrus, Olive Oil, Yuzu, and BEET SALAD – Fennel, Goat Cheese, Pistachio Rye Crumble, each dish a testament to the chefs’ skill in blending fresh, local, and organic ingredients into culinary masterpieces.

The third course offers a tantalizing decision between SAUTÉED SCALLOPS – Carrot Curry, Forbidden Rice, Thai Basil, and FILET MIGNON – Brussels Sprouts, Fresh Horseradish, Bordelaise. These main dishes promise to satisfy both the adventurous foodie and the traditional gourmet, making every bite a celebration of New American cuisine.

A romantic dinner would not be complete without a decadent dessert. The Mulholland delivers with a CHOCOLATE CAKE – Malt Ice Cream, Ganache, Cookie Crumble, a perfect finale to an evening of gastronomic delight.

The Mulholland’s commitment to creating memorable experiences does not end with the food. The restaurant’s ambiance, from its cozy dining room to the al fresco fireplace patio, offers the perfect backdrop for a night of romance and celebration. The private dining restaurant in Calabasas ensures privacy and exclusivity, allowing couples to immerse themselves in the moment, undisturbed.

The beverage program at The Mulholland, with its playful spins on classic cocktails and a vibrant, largely organic wine list, complements the dinner perfectly. Each selection is carefully curated to enhance the dining experience, ensuring that every sip contributes to the evening’s enchantment.

At The Mulholland, Valentine’s Day is more than just a dinner; it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories with someone special. In a setting that honors the beauty of Calabasas and the legacy of Mulholland Drive, couples are invited to celebrate their love with exceptional cuisine, impeccable service, and a romantic atmosphere.

This Valentine’s Day, let The Mulholland be the setting for your love story, offering not just a meal, but an experience that embodies the essence of romance. Whether it’s the spark of a new relationship or the deepening of an enduring love, the evening promises to be a testament to the joy of shared moments and the pleasure of exquisite food. Join us for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day menu in Calabasas, and let the magic of The Mulholland transform your celebration into an extraordinary expression of love. Book your reservation today!

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AuthorJonathan Rosenson

Jonathan, the Chief Operating Officer at DDR Hospitality, is a seasoned level 2 sommelier with over 17 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He serves as the Managing Partner and Director of Hospitality for prestigious boutique hotels such as the Mirabelle Inn, Chateau du Sureau, and The Mansion on Sutter, which are celebrated for their luxurious dining experiences, including the Michelin Plate-awarded First and Oak. Additionally, in his role as Creative Director and Sommelier for Coquelicot Estate Vineyards, Jonathan is deeply involved in organic wine growing and wholesale practices, significantly contributing to renowned establishments like The Sky Room and The Wine Cask.