Our menu is all about keeping it simple yet insanely delicious. Our experience comes from grand restaurants, but now it’s all about creating food that’s approachable and seriously tasty. Every dish is cooked to perfection, embracing the flavors of the season, and, most importantly, meant to be a good time. We want our food to be the kind you crave, meant to be savored and shared in the company of good friends.

We will accommodate just about any dietary restriction and allergy. Please notify us prior to your reservation to ensure enough time for our team to make the necessary adjustments to create something special.

Foccacia, “Pizza Butter”

Pasta, Butter or Marinara Sauce

Grilled Chicken, Mashed Potatoes or Fries

Cheeseburger, Served Plain with Fries

Side of Fries


Ice Cream Sundae
Vanilla Ice Cream, Cookies, Brownies, Magic Shell, Caramel Sauce, Walnut Brittle Whipped Cream

* Menu subject to change based on availability and pricing.

Chef Chris Flint-CHEF | Michele Carter-CDC | Jonathan Rosenson–SOMM | Chad Austin-MIXOLOGIST